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Bathe Me In Love

The Grammy® Awards
Two categories
Best R&B Song
Best R&B Performance

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The Song

Sable Winters’ moving R&B ballad, “Bathe Me In Love,” invites you on a journey where love becomes a cleansing river, washing away pain and renewing the soul. With her velvety voice, Sable’s lyrics speak to the universal longing for love’s transformative touch, whether from a higher power or a beloved partner. This song is a reminder that love has the power to heal and refresh, leaving you ready to embrace life’s beauty once more. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the emotion and resonance of “Bathe Me In Love.”

The Lyrics

Ooo, ooo oooo ooo Ooo, ooo oooo ooo ooo Ooo, ooo oooo ooo ooo

Take me down to the waters
Carry me on down to the shore
Then bathe me in love
Bathe me in love
Verse 1
Immerse me in your kisses
Shower me with love
Sprinkle on best wishes
Then, bathe me more
Verse 2
Wash away my tears
Flush away the pain
Help me know that
I will love again
Then bathe me in your love
My baby love
Ooo ooo, ooo ooo ooo
Pour down all your love on me
Drench me so completely
Like a waterfall, ooo
Like a waterfall


Down like a waterfall
Down like a waterfall
Down on me like a waterfall
Down on me like a waterfall
Like a waterfall
Pour down all your love on me
Drench me so completely
Pour down all you love on me
Pour down all your love
Like a waterfall
Like a waterfall
Like a waterfall. ooo ooo

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"Bathe Me In Love" is such a warm and loving song. And Sable Winters' voice set to the waves that make you feel like you're in Hawaii or somewhere is genius.

Madi Das, Grammy® Nominated Artist

About Sable Winters

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Sable Winters, a dedicated singer, songwriter, and recording artist, now thrives in the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area music scene. Her genre-defying sound blends jazz, neo-soul, R&B, and funk into a mesmerizing musical tapestry. With influences like Sade, Sarah Vaughan, Jill Scott, and Abbey Lincoln, Sable’s melodies enchant, and her delivery exudes unwavering conviction toward love’s purest delights.

Beyond entertainment, Sable’s music seeks to elevate the love experience through lyrical storytelling. A distinguished voting member of The Recording Academy (San Francisco Chapter since 2003), she earned two nominations for the Board of Governors (singer in 2005-2007, songwriter in 2007-2009), and actively contributes to the Advocacy Committee. Sable Winters’ musical journey resonates deeply with both enthusiasts and industry leaders. It’s truly about the music.

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